Records Retention Policy

Anatek Labs, Inc. maintains archived records according to EPA and state requirements.  Archived records generated prior to April 7, 2011 must be maintained for at least seven years. Records generated after April 7, 2011 must be retained for at least five years prior to destruction.

Electronic records are maintained indefinitely, and these records allow us to reissue copies of analytical reports, but paper copies of those reports, the chains of custody that accompany them, and the hard-copy analytical records (raw data) fall under the retention periods listed above.  These paper records are both bulky and costly to maintain beyond the required retention periods.  After the required retention period has passed, records are shredded by a commercial records destruction service.

EPA and state regulations require that public water systems must be notified prior to destruction of archived records.  Because of the difficulty of determining which customers are affected by any particular records destruction cycle, we are issuing this general notice.

Please note that EPA requires public water systems to maintain the records of chemical analysis of compliance samples for 10 years, and lead and copper for 12 years.  Reprints of reports older than 3 months but less than 1 year old are $10 each, and reports older than one year are $25 each.

If you would like copies of the original hard copy records, please notify us well in advance of the destruction date.  Retrieval of hard-copy records (raw data records, original chains of custody, etc.) entails a $45/hour fee.

We want to assure you again that we do and will continue to maintain electronic copies of analytical reports indefinitely.

If you have any questions about our record retention policy, or would like us to retrieve any of your records prior to destruction, please contact us at 208-883-2839 or at