Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule:

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Anatek Labs, Inc. is approved by the EPA for the testing of drinking water under the UCMR4 program (Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Regulation 4, Rule 4, or Phase 4).

Anatek is approved for four UCMR4 methods. The methods are very demanding and include analysis by GC-ECD, GC/MS, and ICP-MS with detection limit requirements as low as 7 parts per trillion (ppt). Analysis for UCMR4 contaminants began in 2018 and will last through 2020. Systems required to test will be notified by the EPA and/or their State.

UCMR4 Approval Letter from EPA

For more information, visit the EPA website:


Approximately 6000 PWSs will participate in UMCR4.  Systems serving more than 10000 people (i.e., large systems) are required to monitor 10 cyanotoxins:

  • Microcystins and Nodularin by EPA 544
  • Cylindrospermopsin and Anatoxin-a by EPA 545
  • Total Microcystins by EPA 546 (ELISA)

Most large systems will also monitor for additional contaminants, including:

  • Germanium and Manganese by EPA 200.8
  • 9 Pesticides by EPA 525.3
  • 3 Semivolatiles by EPA 530
  • 3 Alcohols by EPA 541
  • 9 Haloacetic Acids by EPA 552.3 or EPA 557

For small systems (serving fewer than 10000 people), 800 randomly selected water systems will monitor for the first list, and 800 different systems will monitor for the additional contaminants.

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