Wine / Vine


Anatek now performs many common tests on wine, grape juice, and vines for wineries and vineyards.  See the price list for current tests offered:

Price List – Wine & Grape Analysis

Wine and juice samples should be collected in 250ml glass bottles and delivered on ice.  For volatile compound analysis, 2,4,6-TCA, 4-EP, and 4-EG, samples must be collected in volatile vials.  Contact the lab, and we will send a kit for any juice or wine samples.

Grapevine samples for nutrient analysis should be comprised of 50-100 whole leaf (including petiole) samples for each cultivar.  Do not sample from vines near the edge of the block or vines susceptible to dust from roads.  Sample in the morning, and collect from average vigor vines.  Sample both sides of the canopy evenly.  Sample into a paper bag.  The preferred sampling time is 50% verasion or mid bloom.  Sample the youngest fully expanded leaves on shoots with flowers/grapes.  Samples do not need to be chilled during shipment.

Here is a general chain of custody to accompany any samples:

COC – General

For further information, follow the following link to a fine document written by Joan Davenport and Donald Horneck.