Anatek specializes in trace pesticides in many matrices, including water, compost, plant tissue, and soil.

Price List – Pesticide & Herbicide Testing

Pesticides are widely used for control of insects, weeds, and fungi.  Misapplication of pesticides can create a major economic impact, whether from improper cleanup of equipment, drift onto susceptible plants nearby, and potential negative health effects.

Anatek Labs, Inc specializes in the testing of environmental samples for herbicide and pesticide residue. By combining a wide array of modern instrumentation with knowledgeable analysts, we are capable of screening hundreds of chemicals. Please contact us to inquire about other specialty analyses.

Soil/Water Analysis – Low Application Herbicides

The following herbicides are typically applied at rates of 0.5 to 6 ounces of active ingredient per acre and can remain active at levels below 1 ug/Kg (ppb) in soil. The analytical techniques necessary to achieve such low detection limits must be very selective and sensitive to the targeted analytes. We utilize HPLC/MS/MS for the analysis of the following herbicides and achieve typical detection limits of 20-50 ng/Kg (ppt)and as low as 1ng/L(ppt) in water.

For a quotation, please e-mail the number of samples, type of samples (water or soil), and list of herbicides.


Common Name

Trade Name

imazquin SCEPTER
imazethapyr PURSUIT
imazamethabenz ASSERT
imazamox RAPTOR



Common Name

Trade Name

chlorimuron CLASSIC
chlorsulfuron GLEAN/TELAR
nicosulfuron ACCENT
primisulfuron BEACON
thifensulfuron HARMONY/PINNACLE
tribenuron EXPRESS
sulfometuron OUST
metsulfuron ALLY
halosulfuron PERMIT/MANAGE
bensulfuron LONDAX
sulfosulfuron MAVERICK
prosulfuron PEAK
triasulfuron AMBER

Compost Analysis – Persistent Herbicides

The following pyridine herbicides have been found in compost because of negligent application and/or incomplete composting. These herbicides have residual herbicidal activity toward some plants at levels as low as 1 ppb. We have developed methods capable of detecting these herbicides in compost at ppb levels. Please contact us by e-mail or by phone at 800-943-2839 for a price quote.


Pyridine Herbicides

Common Name

Trade Name

Triclopyr GARLON
Picloram TORDON
Clopyralid STINGER

Custom Pesticide Screens

Anatek Labs, Inc offers a variety of standard and custom pesticide screens in virtually any matrix to meet the special needs of our customers.  Some examples include:

Organochlorine Pesticides
Organophosphorous pesticides
Triazine Herbicides
Picolinic Acids
Nitrogen Containing Pesticides
Sulfonyl Urea Pesticides
Phenoxy Acid Herbicides
Thiocarbamate Pesticides
Carbamate Pesticides

We also offer method development services for larger or special needs projects.

Please call 208-883-2839 to discuss the special needs of your project.

Some Useful Information

1.0 ug/Kg = 1.0 ppb
1.0 mg/Kg = 1.0 ppm
1,000,000 ug = 1,000 mg = 1.0g
1lb = 454 g
1oz = 28.35g
1oz/acre application rate yields approximately:

230 ppb assuming 1″ soil sampling depth
115 ppb assuming 2″ soil sampling depth
77 ppb assuming 3″ soil sampling depth
58 ppb assuming 4″ soil sampling depth