Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule:


PRICING:  Call the lab at 208-883-2839 for pricing.

  • Restrictions: Availability subject to lab capacity.
  • Call to schedule well beforehand.
  • Call the lab for more details or email UCMR5 Coordinator.

CHAIN OF CUSTODY: Select "COC - UCMR5" to print a chain of custody for each sampling site

SAMPLING INSTRUCTIONS: Select "Sampling Instructions - UCMR5" for more information

Anatek Labs, Inc. is approved by the EPA for the testing of drinking water under the UCMR5 program (Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Regulation 5, Rule 5, or Phase 5).

Anatek is approved for all three UCMR5 methods. The methods are very demanding and include analysis by HPLC-MS/MS and ICP with detection limit requirements as low as 2 parts per trillion (ppt or ng/L). Analysis for UCMR5 contaminants will begin in 2023 and will last through 2025. Systems required to test will be notified by the EPA and/or their State.

UCMR5 Approval Letter from EPA

For more information on the UCMR5 program, visit the EPA website:


All PWSs serving more than 10,000 people (i.e., large systems) will monitor; all PWSs serving 3,300 to 10,000 people, and 800 representative PWSs serving fewer than 3,300 will monitor, subject to availability of appropriations and sufficient laboratory capacity. PWSs will collect samples for 29 per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and lithium, during a 12-month period from January 2023 through December 2025.

In addition to lithium, which will be analyzed by EPA Method 200.7, UCMR 5 includes all 29 PFAS that are within the scope of EPA Methods 533 and 537.1

UCMR5 Analyte List


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