Methamphetamine Cleanup Testing:

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Anatek Labs, Inc. has developed a high-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS/MS) method for the analysis of methamphetamine in a variety of matrices.

Our method uses HPLC interfaced with electrospray ionization and a triple quadruple mass spectrometer (MS/MS). The use of MS/MS makes this method selective and sensitive with detection limits less than 0.01ug/wipe at the 95% confidence level.

The selectivity of this method not only allows for complete detection and confirmation of methamphetamine but also permits us to provide rapid turn-around times. Use of HPLC allows less error to be introduced in this method when compared to methods that use gas chromatography (GC), where samples require derivitization.  Typical recoveries of QC samples with this method are better than 80%. Our method uses a 5 point calibration curve with a surrogate in all samples. As required by the Washington State Department of Health, our laboratory will also follow the procedures listed below:

  • QC/QA documentation reported with results.
  • Accept samples collected in certified clean glass containers.
  • Samples must be collected in accordance with state DOH guidelines.
  • Wipe samples must be collected using a 2 x 2 inch gauze pad (recommended) or Whatman 40 (or similar) filter paper, and should be rinsed with only methanol or water (either distilled or de-ionized).

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