Low Level Mercury Analysis:

Anatek Labs specializes in the analysis of low-level mercury.


Mercury (chemical symbol Hg) is a dangerous environmental contaminant, and can accumulate in the body throughout a person’s lifetime.  High levels of mercury accumulation can lead to reproductive and nervous system disorders.  In addition to its well-documented presence in seafood, mercury can also be found in water and soil, often as a by-product of manufacturing or mining operations.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits and other regulations require that certain waters and soils be monitored for mercury at very low levels (‘ultra trace level mercury analysis’).

Anatek Labs tests for low ultra-trace level  mercury with EPA Method 1631, Revision E (‘Sampling Mercury in Water by Oxidation, Purge and Trap, and Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry’).  In conjunction with our laboratory’s clean analytical environment, Method 1631E allows us to detect mercury down to a level of 0.2 ng/L (also expressed as 0.2 parts per trillion, or 0.2 ppt).  One part per trillion is roughly analogous to one square inch in 250 square miles, or one drop of detergent in a string of 1000 railroad tank cars.

Low-level mercury testing is very sensitive.  Samples must be collected correctly to prevent contamination.  Samples for low-level mercury analysis are collected according to EPA Method 1669, ‘Sampling Ambient Water for Trace Metals at EPA Water Quality Criteria Levels.’

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If you are a laboratory looking to sub-contract ultra-trace mercury analysis, a company testing samples to meet regulatory requirements, or a private citizen interested in assessing your well water or soil, contact Anatek Labs to learn more about low-level mercury testing by EPA Method 1631E.

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