Private Household Testing

Drinking Water Tests for Private Wells

Drinking Water Tests for Private Wells  
Coliform BacteriaSM9223B-PA$25.00
Iron or Sulfur Bacteria Presence/AbsenceSM9240B$45.00
NitrateEPA 300.0$25.00
FluorideEPA 300.0$25.00
Private Well List: $175.00
Anions: (Cl, F, NO2, NO3, SO4)EPA 300.0 
Conductivity, pHSM 2510A/EPA 120.1/EPA 150.1 
Cations: (Ca, Mg, Na, Hardness)EPA 200.8 
Metals: (As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Pb, Mn, Hg, Ni, Se, Ag, Zn, U)EPA 200.8 
With Bacteria (Presence/Absence) $200.00
PesticidesEPA 525.2$200.00
Private HerbicideEPA 515.4$150.00
Private Volatiles (VOC’s — common solvents)EPA 524.3$125.00
Private Well List, Pesticides, & VOC's (includes bacteria)Various$450.00
Private Well List (w/ bacteria), Pesticides, Herbicides, & VOC'sVarious$600.00


EPA 533 Full List - 25 Perfluorinated Compounds (including PFOA & PFOS)EPA 533$375.00 
EPA 537 Short List - 6 UCMR3 Compounds (including PFOA & PFOS)EPA 537$225.00 
EPA 537 Extended List - 14 Compounds, including the Short List 6EPA 537$300.00 

Other Household Testing

Lead in PaintEPA 3051/6020$30.00 
Asbestos in Insulation or TileEPA 660$50.00 
Herbicide/Pesticide Residue in Soil/CompostEPA 8151/8270 ModCall for Quote 

Washington Private Well Testing

Spokane County:  
Coliform Bacteria, NitrateVarious$50.00
fast turn around (next day)Various$100.00
fast turn around (2nd day)Various$95.00
Tri-County Area:  
Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate, Lead, Arsenic & UraniumVarious$100.00
fast turn around (next day)Various$200.00
fast turn around (2nd day)Various$190.00
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