The impact of smoke from forest fires on wine grapes is a complicated and uncertain topic.   Winemakers who are concerned about the impacts of smoke on their grapes and wines have a variety of techniques that they can use to moderate the impact of so-called 'smoke taint.'  Several resources on the topic are linked below.

Anatek Labs has developed an analytical method to test for several compounds that, when present and not mitigate, might result in a 'smoky' or 'campfire' taste in finished wines.

Our method tests grapes for compounds such as guiacol, 4-methyl-guaiacol, and other volatile phenols.

For more information about our 'smoke taint' analysis, please contact Lab Manager Todd Taruscio at 208-883-2839 or send an email to


Washington Winegrowers Smoke Exposure Task Force Smoke Impact Statement:

Washington Winegrowers Smoke Exposure Task Force Smoke Impact FAQ:


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