Underground Storage Tank Testing:

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Anatek Labs offers testing to meet a variety of underground storage tank regulations, including:

Idaho IDTL (guidance for risk evaluation of petroleum-contaminated sites)

  • PAHs (including 2-methylnaphthalene)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (including BTEX, MTBE, EDB, DBPC, 1,2,4- & 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene)
  • RCRA (8 metals)

NW TPH Methods for Underground Storage Tanks

MTCA A Clean-up

  • TPH-G (Gasoline)
  • BTEX {Gasoline, JP-4}
  • TPH-G/BTEX {Gasoline}
  • TPH-D {Diesel}
  • TPH-Dx(C12)-C24)and C24)-C40){Waste Oil}
  • TPH-HCID {Hydrocarbon Identification}
  • TPH-418.1 modified for soils

MTCA B or C Clean-up

  • VPH (Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons)
  • EPH (Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons)

Idaho RBCA Cleanup Program

  • RBCA PAH’s {Fuel Oil #4, JP-5}
  • RBCA Volatiles includes BTEX, Naphthalene, {JP-4} + MTBE, {Unleaded Gasoline}  + EDC, and EDB.  {Leaded Gasoline}
  • RBCA Diesel {Diesel Fuel Oil #2, Kerosene} includes PAH’s and BTEX
  • RBCA Waste Oil {Waste Oil} includes PAH’s and Chlorinated Solvent list

Montana UST Methods

  • GRO
  • DRO Screening
  • VPH (Massachusetts)
  • EPH (No PAH, Massachusetts)
  • PAH (Massachusetts)


  • Dissolved Gases by GC/FID
  • Methane
  • Ethane
  • Ethylene

Miscellaneous IOC Parameters

  • Dissolved Fe, Mn
  • Nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, chloride
  • pH + alkalinity
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